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We provide Brandon with expert biohazard cleanup and decontamination. We remediate the affected area so that it is free from all biohazards and pathogens. Rest assured that your property will be returned to a safe and livable condition.

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Please do not hesitate to call if you ever need our services in Brandon, FL. Rest assured, everything will be handled in an empathetic, professional and prompt manner. Our experienced team in Brandon, FL is ready at a moment’s notice to restore your space quickly and discretely. Anytime, any job, American Family Bio Clean is ready to serve. No matter the time, job or place, when you need us, we’ll be there. Call 24/7 to speak with one of our team members and schedule your appointment.

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American Family Bio-Clean can assist you with your Brandon FL biohazard accident following a traumatic incident and contamination. We at American Family Bio-Clean are prepared to assist you in working through the aftermath of any medical emergency, suicide, crime, unattended death, or other situation where blood or other bodily fluids must be cleansed. You want to make sure that all afflicted regions are cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized so that they are safe to return to in both body and spirit. 

Using a professional death cleanup business may be a wise choice for liability. Whether you need emergency assistance or simply have some questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. American Family Bio-Clean is available at any time for any job. When you require us, we’ll be there. Make a call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to speak with one of our staff members and set up your appointment.

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The stench of a crime scene is one of the most significant drawbacks. Not only should you consider what occurred in that room with your loved one while you clean, but you must also cope with the noxious odor that pervades everything. You can’t expect specialist crime scene cleaners to clear up after a suicide. In fact, because of the aroma, you may even vomit or become ill, so your entire body and mind are brought back to this tragedy.


Blood and other fluids are biological hazards that can transport and distribute a variety of diseases. In addition to the health risks of cleaning up after a suicide, you must clean the area thoroughly to ensure no leftovers remain. Not only can blood and bodily fluids be biohazardous, but they also begin to emit an odor as decomposition progresses. The sooner. All of our technicians are experienced professionals with adequate training to effectively clean, disinfect, and deodorize the afflicted region. All biohazards will be appropriately handled, removed, and disposed of by Florida’s legislation. Blood and other bodily fluids are medical waste that must not be thrown in the garbage bin.

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