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Animal Hoarding: A Guide

If a resident in your home or a rental unit engaged in animal hoarding, you often have a biohazard situation. An animal hoarding home can

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Your Rental Property Suffered a Pest Infestation: Now What?

Dealing with pests in your own home can be a troubling experience, but dealing with infestation problems in a rental property can be uniquely frustrating. Not only do you need to worry about the safety of your tenants, but you must also consider your legal obligations and future revenue. Unfortunately, calling in an exterminator may be only the first step in your journey.

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Costly Mistakes to Avoid With Unattended Death Scenes

The clean-up process after an unattended death is never an easy task, especially if it is a death that involves a loved one. Cases of unattended death are common among seniors who do not have someone who checks on them each day. In such scenarios, bodies are found weeks or months after they pass away. The impacted area will be full of biohazards, including blood, urine, and feces.

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The plight of hoarders has gained mainstream attention through the media and reality TV shows. If you or a loved one struggles with an addiction like hoarding and are seeking help, a professional cleaning company can help you through the emotional and labor-intensive process.

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Learning a loved one has passed away is a devastating experience. Older adults may pass away alone when family members and friends don’t check in regularly. This is known as an unattended death. If a long period of time passes after death, the situation is referred to as an undiscovered death.

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