Why You Need Sanitation Professionals After a Tragedy

When someone is attacked or hurts themselves in your home, it’s always a tragedy, especially if it involves a loved one. However, even after your loved one is safe, you may be left with a huge mess to clean. Instead of trying to do it yourself, check out these four advantages to hiring professionals.  

1. The Blood May Be Dangerous

Blood can be dangerous thanks to blood-borne pathogens. These include diseases like HIV/AIDS and hepatitis. Naturally, if you know the person who was injured, you may know if they have any possible blood-borne pathogens. However, if the blood came from someone you don’t know or someone you don’t trust, you may not know what possible diseases they have.

If you try to clean the blood on your own and fail to take proper protective measures, you could end up infecting yourself. Of course, the blood would have to come in contact with an open wound or get inside your body some other way (like a drop splashing into your eye) for you to become infected.

For this reason, professionals use a lot of protective gear when cleaning up biohazard messes. Besides a standard pair of gloves, they may also have protection for respiration so they don’t breathe in any possible contaminants. Other protective gear includes a protective suit and chemical spill boots.

2. Blood Can Be Hard to Eliminate

Given the nature of blood, cleaning it up isn’t as easy as washing it away with soap and water. This will leave behind some traces and odor of the blood. For this reason, professionals have standard and specialized cleaning equipment. For example, solvents can be used to turn dried blood back into a liquid and disinfect the area.

Once everything is cleaned up, the garbage must be disposed of properly. Blood is a biohazard, so tossing it into the regular trash can be dangerous. However, unless you are in the medical field, you may not know how to get rid of biohazard waste. The professionals, however, know exactly what to do so the blood can’t infect you or anyone else.

3. You Don’t Have to Be Reminded

If the accident or injury involved a loved one, you may not want to be reminded of the incident, especially if your loved one is in critical condition or has passed away. The emotional trauma of reminders could lead to depression and other mood disorders. Plus, you may avoid cleaning the area altogether as to not be reminded.

One of the biggest downsides to cleaning the mess yourself is the smell. Not only must you think about what happened in that room to your loved one while you clean, but you must deal with the odor that penetrates everything. In fact, the odor can be so severe that you may even vomit or feel sick, so your whole body and mind are reminded of the tragedy.

4. Home Insurance May Cover the Costs

Depending on your policy, your homeowners’ insurance may cover the cost of a biohazard cleanup so you don’t have to pay anything. Of course, you’ll need to determine if your policy includes this type of coverage. If it does, in many cases, the biohazard company will file the claim on your behalf. They may even do this if you aren’t sure you have coverage, but they can’t guarantee your insurance will cover the claim.

Luckily, if your insurance does pay for it, they can’t choose a biohazard cleanup provider for you. This type of behavior is illegal because insurance agencies would be able to force you to use cheap services that may not be reliable. Instead, you get to choose your own cleanup service.

No one wants to experience the loss of a loved one or a traumatic incident, especially inside their own home. However, accidents happen, but you should have to be the one to clean up the mess. Not only is it dangerous, but it could be harmful to your mental health. For more information, contact us at American Family BioClean today.


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