When accidents or traumas involving blood and other biohazards occur, American Family is here to provide professional cleanup services, ensure disease outbreaks are contained, and keep you, your family or business safe..
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Blood Cleanup Services

The importance of knowing how to deal with a blood spill cannot be understated. If you’re in a situation where you might not be prepared or have a reasonable expectation to deal with this kind of spill, American Family utilizes the guidelines set forth by OSHA.
There’s no other way to say it – cleaning up blood is not something most people look forward to. Any bodily fluid, especially blood, is a dangerous and potentially very hazardous operation. Like any fluid, blood can permeate any porous surface and ruin anything it encounters

Ensure Safety

​Whenever there has been an accident or a traumatic event, blood is often left behind. Blood can contain a number of pathogens such as HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis A, B, or C., which are extremely contagious. It is very important that the impacted area is properly cleaned and decontaminated to ensure that the space is safe and free from all biohazards. ​ The best course of action is to call a professional blood cleanup company like American Family Bio-Clean who have technicians that are trained in the cleaning of blood.

​American Family Bio-Clean follows all the proper protocols. We wear the ​appropriate PPE (personal protection equipment), and use proprietary solvents to clean and disinfect the blood. ​W​e ensure that all blood and biohazards have been remediated before we leave the scene.

Proper Disposal

Blood is a regulated medical waste and may not be thrown in the regular trash. All blood and items that have blood on them must be bagged and disposed of according to the state laws. American Family Bio-Clean is licensed to clean up and properly dispose of blood.

When We Help

The need for blood clean up can result from a variety of things. Below is a list of top reasons why people call us. Of course, this is not a complete list, but they are the top reasons for blood cleanup.

Don’t Be Liable

Blood is a biohazard and is a regulated medical waste. Only those properly trained in blood cleanup should enter the area and perform the service. If someone becomes infected due to improper cleanup, or by a person not trained in this area, the homeowner or business owner may become liable. When you hire a professional company to clean up the blood, they assume liability. Don’t take the risk, don’t be liable. Call a professional.s insurance? No problem, we do not require money at the time of service ​We are here to help in any way we can. Please call us if you have any questions you may have.

How Much Does It Cost?

Because every blood clean up situation is different, it’s very hard to give a ballpark figure over the phone without seeing it. We will come out in person and give you a free estimate.

Extensive Cleanup

When the blood cleanup is extensive, you may want to turn it over to your insurance company. Blood cleanup is typically covered and is worth going the insurance route when the cost of the blood cleanup exceeds your deductible, which usually ranges from $500-$2500 for homeowners.
Most homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of the cleanup. Your only exposure would be your deductible. We will be more than happy to help you open a claim to ensure that you get the maximum coverage that your policy will allow.
​Not sure if there is insurance? No problem, we do not require money at the time of service We will often remediate the area and then the family can go in and find the appropriate documents to file the claim. We are here to help in any way we can.

We Tailor Every Solution

At American Family Bio-Clean, we understand anytime blood cleanup is involved can be difficult. Our blood experts treat every person with the greatest respect and will never ask any unneeded questions or make you feel uncomfortable. With kindness and compassion, we strive to make sure each client is thoroughly listened to and that a solution is tailored to your specific needs. With American Family Bio-Clean, you can always rest assured that your needs and satisfaction come first.
Call us for an estimate and free consultation. ​

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American Family Bio-Clean is your source for 24/7 emergency service in biohazard cleanup and remediation in the surrounding areas. In need of us just give us a call at 800-404-7460 any time of the day or night.

American Family Bio Clean is the Leading Blood Cleanup Company in Florida

American Family Bio-Clean is the leading blood cleanup company in Florida. We are professionals that conduct ourselves in a compassionate and discreet manner. We wear proper PPE and follow proper protocols and adhere to the laws and regulations as set forth by the State of Florida. Additionally, we are​ certified, general contractors. Not only will ​we clean up a decontaminate after a blood spill, but we are also able to perform any necessary reconstruction of floors or other surfaces that may have become damaged.

Please don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll handle everything in an empathetic, professional and prompt manner.