The plight of hoarders has gained mainstream attention through the media and reality TV shows. If you or a loved one struggles with an addiction like hoarding and are seeking help, a professional cleaning company can help you through the emotional and labor-intensive process.

If you’re helping a hoarder slowly sort through their items, your approach will affect how they handle the undertaking. Remember that the situation requires sensitivity. Cleaning up a home full of hoarded items is like peeling an onion. Simply taking large masses of items and throwing them away isn’t productive or considerate. Instead, show prudence and work on slowly removing the layers of unnecessary clutter to find the treasured memories and pieces beneath. These could be family keepsakes, jewelry, family photos, and cherished antiques. Some hoarders also have numerous pets, all of which are living creatures, important to the hoarder, and thus should be handled with care.


If you’re slowly dealing with the emotional journey of cleaning up years of your own hoarding, learning to be patient with yourself and others is crucial. Professional psychologists and psychiatrists can help you through the mental aspect, but you may feel at a loss when facing the hoard itself. You certainly don’t have to go it alone. Calling a cleanup company like American Family Bio Clean can take some of the physical load off of your shoulders.

As a family company, we provide both the empathy and resourcefulness you need to clean up years of hoarding. We work with most insurance providers to limit out-of-pocket costs to homeowners and clients. Contact us today for more information on our services or to schedule an appointment.

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