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Hoarding disorder (HD) is a highly disabling condition in which individuals have persistent difficulty parting with personal possessions, which results in clutter and inability to use the rooms in the home for their intended use. It causes public health problems when clutter attracts pest infestations or obstructs fire exits in apartment buildings, endangering both personal and neighbors’ safety.

Hoarding Cleanup Services

Most people can use some spring cleaning. There are usually several things in their home they don’t currently use and could recycle, donate, or throw away. Hoarders, on the other hand, typically have accumulated so many items that they become a hazard to basic living and sanitation. They have a hard time parting with excessive items.

The excessive items which can be found in piles inside and outside of the home, begin to collect both dust and debris. The hoard becomes a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, insects, and other pests that add urine and feces to the piles. Hoarders are typically ashamed of how space looks and not only don’t invite friends and family over to visit but don’t allow entrance to any repairman and simply let appliances along with the electrical and plumbing systems fall into disrepair, thus adding to the deterioration of the home.


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Hoarding Categories


The reasons for hoarding vary greatly from traumatic experiences, anxiety, and unresolved childhood issues among others, the items hoarded fall into several main categories and each has issues all their own.

No matter what type of hoarding is going on in the home, each creates a dangerous situation for the people, animals, and structure whether through a mold, pests, diseases, potential injuries, and fire. Though sometimes people realize what they are doing and ask for help, a lot of times, people are forced into cleaning up the property through legal action or pressure from family.

Animal Hoarding

Animal hoarding begins when someone owns more animals than they can care for. Such people see themselves as generous caregivers and loving pet owners but there comes a point when the amount of animals becomes overwhelming. The animals are not adequately cared whether with food or medically. Animal Urine and feces can be found on the floor and throughout the house. The biohazards create an unhealthful condition for both the people and the animals. When this happens, a specialized animal hoarding biohazard company should be called to clean up the property.

Hoarding Trash

People who hoard trash collect items of no inherent value, sentimentality, or functionality. The garbage piles up and begins to impede on the regular living space. Food left in wrappers begins to decompose and off-gas a horrible odor. The trash also invites pests into the area that invariably leave urine and feces about the home. This becomes a biohazard and potential risk of disease such as Hantavirus. In houses containing hoarded trash, the structures are often greatly deteriorated and the utilities have been shut off.

Shopping Hoarders

It’s a good idea to have some food and water stored in case of a hurricane or other emergency. However, the people who hoard food never think they have enough and buy more than they could ever consume. In many cases, the food expires or never gets eaten. The accumulation of spoiled foods begins to decompose off-gassing terrible odors. Excessive food also invites rodents and other pests to feed on leaving urine and feces everywhere. Such biohazards pose health risks and add the stench of the hoard. Decomposing foods will also negatively impact the structure of the home.

Hoarding Collectibles

Some people have a penchant for collecting items. They treasure their collections and like to display them for others to see. People who hoard collectibles no longer have room to display them. They end up spilling over into the living space and often do not even remember all the items they have. As with the shopping hoarding items, the collections can have great value, but they just have way too much for space. Depending on the items, it may be worth it sort and sell, instead of donating or throwing away. These are personal decisions that the hoarder needs help making with a close family member or friend and then the help of a hoarding cleanup company.

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